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One-on-one coaching for product people.

See how we helped Splento to fly forward.

“In just a few weeks Forward made our product team 10 years more experienced.”
– Roman Grigoriev, Splento

In growing startups complexity multiplies fast. This slows down and then blocks product execution. Decisions take forever, metrics flutter, sense of progress gets lost.

Very often the root cause is the weak decision making process. It's how you work with evidence and opinions. It's how you align all inputs with central direction. It's how you keep the progress visible.

These are skills best exercised in the field with a trusted partner by your side. Forward coaching brings years of practical experience and carefully plants it into your workflows on the move. You gain momentum without pausing your execution.

Clients turn to us for momentum

“Raw commitment, detailed delivery, and the all too absent accountability. Forward upholds these principles with rarely seen levels of determination and dignity.”

– Ben Finlay, Publicis Groupe

“It sounded a little bit daunting at first but turned out to be a lot less time consuming and super efficient. Applying was the best decision ever!”

– Eugene Semeykin, Splento

“Sergey is a rare talent in the world of product management. He prides himself on helping those around him grow. His focus on people ensures the team as a whole is always moving forward and challenging itself to get better.”

– Matt Evans, HeadBox

Move forward with confidence.