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Our first conversation can be very productive if you share the current challenges. It helps if you mention: – your role – how many product managers on the team – your product – areas you feel need help

Coaching service is a subscription priced at £480 per week.

What you get:

  • Four hours per week of active time with your coach
  • Personalised upskilling programme
  • Frameworks and tool recommendations that we install and configure together
  • Journaling tools with detailed records of your commitments and progress
  • No distraction from current work

Common questions

What time is billable?

Only time actively spent to add value is billable. This includes online or onsite sessions and sometimes offline audit of tools or written documents. This does not include travel time, admin or preparation work that you don't see.

How long does it take?

There is a minimal commitment period of 12 weeks.

Adopting new practices is an iterative process and attempts can spread across your week. The minimal period therefore is required to ensure it grips.

Beyond the minimal period the service is provided on a rolling basis. There is a reasonably short notice period should you feel enough confidence to carry on by yourself.

How will coaching fit into my schedule?

It will never take more than four hours in any given week. These hours can also be used flexibly: along with working with your coach directly we will also shadow you during your typical activities or audit your setup independently.

What happens in the sessions?

Generally there are three formats:

  • Training session or a workshop. Used to transfer knowledge that is missing. In a workshop we also end up creating something together.
  • Shadowing or audit. Used to expose your coach to real working practices for observations. This is what makes the feedback so meaningful and tailored.
  • Checkpoints. Used to discuss progress and set objectives frequently. Based on the upskilling programme that is composed at the start of engagement.

Is this in done face-to-face?

Your coach will travel within Greater London to meet you face to face in the first couple of weeks. Moving forward sessions shorter than 2 hours will be held online. This is generally decided flexibly depending on location and schedules.

Can you coach multiple people at once?

The standard fee covers coaching for one person. If your organisation has multiple product managers working with each of them is treated as a separate engagement.

Can you coach other roles?

Forward is solely focused on product management and utilises numerous frameworks and a range of templates to deliver rich value. Coaching for other roles (e.g. delivery managers, designers, engineers, etc.) requires a similar foundation. We haven't invested in this so far, hence it is not possible at the moment.

Letting us know of your needs, however, informs how we might scale in the future.