Why Coaching

Other solutions fall short.

  • Books or videos won’t tell you why their tactics don’t work with your team.
  • Courses or certifications won’t go beyond theoretical case studies to solve your challenges.
  • Switching the product manager won’t guarantee that the next one won't have blind spots.

Forward coaching focuses on continuous improvement, not on reaching a certain level.

It then uses sharp tactics to create forward motion in your environment:

  • with your skill set,
  • with your resources,
  • in your market.

Three ingredients of continuous improvement

1. Space

Every week we set aside time with the product manager to focus on their skills.

It may be shadowing one of the Scrum ceremonies, examining hypothesis on the roadmap, or selecting a user research method.

It’s not intrusive because each session is short. But it’s regular and frequent, which makes all the difference.

2. Stimulus

Sessions are structured and never wasted. Every time the product manager receives feedback on what’s relevant that day.

It may be about using a goal setting framework, roadmap prioritisation decisions or clarity of development user stories.

Your coach knows how to point out opportunities and illustrate them with their own war stories.

3. Commitment

Every session sets concrete objectives for the next one. These add up towards more high level goals set in advance to drive business results.

They may be about refining the product goals, running data analysis or filtering incoming ideas through the product vision.

Product managers invest in their own skills, which keeps the commitment real.

Move forward with confidence.